Workshop with Professor Bill Smaldone

On Wednesday, December, Willamette Academy students had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with Professor Bill Smaldone, a Professor of History and Chair of Latin American Studies at Willamette, who talked about his life as a professor.

Professor Smaldone has previously published two books in European history: Confronting Hitler: German Social Democrats in Defense of the Weimar Republic, (1929-1933) and Rudolf Hilferding: The Tragedy of a German Social Democrat. He has just published a third: European Socialism: A Concise History with Documents. He spent some time talking to the students both about his books and how he developed an interest in the topics they are based on. 

During the workshop Professor Smaldone talked to the students about his academic career, and how he came to be both a professor and an author. The students were interested to learn about his inspiration for delving into history as a subject, and the motivations that lead to a life in academia. They also had a chance to discuss their own aspirations for the future, and received some advice from Professor Smaldone on College and on how important it is to follow one's interests when it comes to deciding on a career path.