Students attend first college visit this year

On October 11th, 2013 ten academy students participated in the first college exploration workshop of the academic year. Students visited Willamette University, where they were given an official tour of the campus and a presentation by the Office of Admissions. At the presentation students learned about the college application process, and were able to ask questions about how they could better prepare themselves to be attractive candidates for schools like Willamette University.

After the tour and presentation, students looked forward to eating at Goudy Commons where they experienced what it is like to eat on a college campus. They were really excited about the varied food options, which surpassed the quality of their high school cafeterias.

The visit ended with a panel discussion led by four Willamette University students from Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington who are majoring in the fields of Environmental science, Rhetoric and Media Studies, Exercise Science and Biology. During the panel, students were able to ask questions and learn more about the college life. Many of them were interested in the activities and daily routines which college students participate in.