Importance of Volunteering and Resume Building

On Wednesday May 14th, 2014, Academy students attended a workshop led by Juan Ramos, a senior at Willamette University. Ramos told the students why it is important to volunteer and keep track of a resume. He got the students involved by asking them questions and giving examples of what they could do for volunteering or to help build their resume. The main topics of this workshop were why and how we volunteer. He explained to the students that volunteering now gives students many benefits. These benefits can include, but are not limited to, creating networks/connections with people to build professional relationships, gain experience, build their resume, and etc. Ramos explained the importance of building a strong, professional resume by keeping it updated and appropriated.

The students enjoyed the information they were given. The students now understand the importance of volunteering and why they should start now. The students are also aware of the many resources both Willamette University and Willamette Academy offer to help them build their resume as well as helping them find different volunteer opportunities. The students came out with a stronger grasp on why it’s important to start building their resume now.