Workshop with Russell Yost

On Tuesday the 14th of January, a group of Academy students had the opportunity to listen to a lecture by Russell Yost, the Director of Marketing for the Atkinson Graduate School of Management as well as a professor at the school. Yost introduced the students to how marketing and advertising are present in our daily lives and gave in depth insight into potential career fields for the students.

Yost introduced the students to a variety of aspects of the marketing field including television, online, as well as social marketing. He explained the significance of advertisements and communication in the business world and gave examples, such as the sheer cost of a 30 second commercial at the Superbowl ($4 million in case you were wondering), to note the importance given to advertisements in our society. He also asked the students for their insight on the subject, questioning as to what car or clothing brand they would use to define themselves. This activity opened the door for the students to view marketing as not simply an advertisement for a product, but for a value and an identity.

Yost transitioned the discussion towards potential career fields that a marketing degree could lead. He discussed potential careers ranging from public relations to market analysis and used the diversity in career options to show the students that a marketing degree, and more importantly an MBA, have the potential to open doors to many careers.

In total, the workshop allowed the students to not only gain insight into a strong and prominent career field, but also knowledge of the effects and presence of marketing in every day society.