Featured Student: Brian

Brian is proud of his two last names, Blanco and Lila. One last name from his mother and one last name from his father, they are his role models. He’s motivated to continue his education because of his parents, “they tell me I have to go to college” Brian Blanco Lila loves math, or as he says, “My favorite classes are the ones I get to do math in.” He hopes to be a Mechanical Engineer at Oregon State or Harvard. But for now, he’s spending time at the Willamette Academy with his friends. And one of Brian’s favorite Hobbies is meeting new people.

Brian knows how it feels to be the new kid in school. He recently transferred to Carlos Houck middle school. But he quickly made friends and showed promise in math and science. “I like thinking about numbers” says Brian. He’s most interested in Math because “that’s what it takes to be an mechanical engineer.” Goal oriented and bilingual, Brian, visits his extended family in Vera Cruz, Mexico every year.

Brian recognizes the value of education. He says that one major way to change the world, “is to teach young people.” He volunteers at his church, because he enjoys helping children. He’s motivated to help children because he knows how it feels to be a new kid at school.