Featured Student: Jenny

Jenifer Tapia doesn’t like to be called, “Jenifer,” She says, “It sounds like I’m in trouble, and I rarely get in trouble.” Jenny believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to go to college, an opportunity, she thinks, is limited because many people can’t afford college. Jenny is constantly exploring social issues that center around the inaccessibility of college. Especially in her public speaking class, where she’s crafted speeches on the advantages of making college available to everyone.

Home, Jenny believes, is where her family lives, and her family has lived in Salem her entire life. She lives with an older brother and sister, Jenny is constantly exploring new facets of high school. She recently joined the Cheer team at South Salem. She likes cheer because of the high energy and because, “It’s fun to make people scream.” When Jenny is not at the Willamette Academy, or Cheering, she enjoys being with friends and family.

In the future, Jenny is excited to explore different career opportunities. She’s considering becoming a math teacher or a marine biologist.