Featured Student: Jose Rios

At first glance, one would expect Jose to be a timid individual. However, when one has a conversation with this Freshman of South Salem High School, an explosion of articulated vocabulary, passion for music, modest personality, scholastic competition, and enthusiasm for philanthropy tasks will hit one in the face. Jose’s attributes his development as a person to his loving parents and competitive sister. “My parents push me and my sister keeps me on track”, is what best describe the drive he has developed. This drive is noted by the school workload he is undertaking as a freshman.

As of now, he has engaged his interest in Biology and Orchestra by enrolling in IB courses that will help him achieve his future goal of helping both his family and others in an economic way. By knowing how it feels to grow up in a low-economic area, he understands the hardship one has to go thorough to endeavor for a better future. His philanthropic spirit is best understood by his definition of the word “hardship”, which is: an individual who works hard to better himself for the sake of others. To further develop other perspective of the world, he would like to make “others understand the physical representation of equality”. When he is not volunteering with his local church, studying for any of the three IB courses his enrolled, or playing his Viola (which he sees as the most underrepresented instrument in Orchestra), he is relaxing by undertaking the task of defeating an enemy from one of his videogames. Relaxation might be a word he learns to speak in a different tone later in life, since he plans on learning a different language in the future.

Jose is proving to be a polymath in the making and with is eagerness to help himself by helping others through knowledge he will, most likely, reach that title.