Featured Student: Mauricio

Mauricio Nava is currently in his first year at Willamette Academy. Mauricio moved to the United States from Mexico nearly two years ago with his mother, father, two sisters and brother. While he misses Mexico and the life he had there, Mauricio is glad to be part of Willamette Academy. Willamette Academy has offered Mauricio a place to get help and support with school, along with building a community of mentors and friends. He believes that Willamette Academy can help him succeed with his goal of becoming a veterinarian. Out of all the people in his life, Mauricio sees his father as his role model. He admires his father’s hard work and dedication to his job as well as all the sacrifices he has made for his family. Since his father never went to college, he is excited that Mauricio has the opportunity to go to college and achieve his dreams. His favorite subjects in school are math and especially ELD because all the new things he is learning. Outside of school, he likes to play with his friends and their dogs, ride his bike, play basketball, and indulge in his sweet tooth. One of his other goals in life is to become excellent pianist. He started playing through school and hopes to continue throughout his life. He also, wants to start doing more community outreach specifically with homelessness so that everyone has food and proper clothing.