Greek Life

Greek organizations at Willamette are more than social groups — they are societies that promote understanding, integrity, intellectual development and cooperation.

Willamette is home to four fraternities and three sororities that are held to the highest standards of conduct, scholarship and character. Connected with each other through Interfraternity and Panhellenic councils, the chapters work toward common goals of service, education and friendship.

Willamette's Greek organizations are recognized and chartered by their national chapters, providing a lifelong network of brothers, sisters and friends. Through their common experiences, centered on a pursuit of higher education, Greeks build relationships that endure long past graduation.

Greeks houses are located on campus as another integrated aspect of the Willamette community. Sororities and fraternities contribute to student life through annual philanthropic events, participation in student activities, excellence in academics and dedication to leadership opportunities.

Fraternity chapters

Sorority chapters