Career Management

Class Profiles

Willamette University welcomed a dynamic, energetic and motivated group of 100 new students ready to take their careers to the next level. Students have already begun their search for summer internships. Contact us for access to the resumeés of our new class of students. Please feel free to connect with us or post jobs/internships online.

Willamette MBA Student Profile

Full-Time MBA Programs

  • Approximate number of students enrolled per year: 180
  • Average Age: 26
  • Approximately 35% of students come from outside the U.S.
  • Available for: Full-time employment, part-time employment, internships and special projects.
  • Students are early in their career or seeking a career change.

MBA for Professionals Program

  • Approximate number of students enrolled per year: 110
  • Average Age: 34
  • Most students live within a one-hour radius of Salem and Portland, Oregon and are typically working full-time while attending Willamette. Students may seek projects or full-time employment during the program or as alumni.

Willamette MBA students bring the motivation, curiosity and knowledge necessary to help you achieve your organizational goals and objectives. Connecting with students at on- or off-campus events provide a unique opportunity for the student and the employer to kick off a mutually beneficial relationship.

Graduating Class of 2014

Class Demographics:

US  (13 states) 64%
International  (17 countries) 36%
US Multicultural 9%
Female 32%
Male 68%
Average Student Age 27

Students seek careers in public, private and not-for-profit sectors
in the following areas of interest:

Finance/Accounting          39%
Operations 22%
Marketing 22%
Human Resources   8%
General Management/Other