The Executive Development Center (EDC) is part of the Atkinson Graduate School of Management. The Atkinson School's unique approach to management education is founded on two principles:

  • Integration - The content of our curriculum derives from the best practices of management applicable across every sector of the economy.
  • Student-Centered Learning - Our educational process derives from the capabilities, motivations and interests of the students.

Our Objective

Our Objective is to help managers understand how each function within an organization interacts with and affects every other function. This integrated, systems-oriented approach builds on fundamental business management principles and is applicable to commercial, government and not-for-profit organizations alike. Our approach is meant to take students one step further in their business management skills and capabilities.

Managing in the 21st Century

Managing in the 21st Century requires focused critical thinking skills to transform problems into opportunities. Managers must balance this focus with a broad view of the organization that helps leaders adjust to the demands of globalization. Our programs are designed to foster this understanding and cooperation.

Communications, leadership, and team skills are prerequisites for success in an increasingly diverse workforce. This is especially true as public and private organizations begin working together in closer partnerships. Our student-centered learning approach ensures that we take into account the context from which our students lead and manage on a day-to-day basis.