The professors and practitioners who teach in the Certificate Program in Management Consulting will use multi-media presentations, case studies, small-group exercises, business simulations and best-practice panel discussions to deliver the program content. The program is designed to be fast-paced and highly interactive, providing opportunities to tackle real-work client challenges.

The key content areas include:

  • Update on the state of the management consulting profession
  • The core competencies for consultants as defined by ICMCI and IMC USA
      • Competency level and skills inventory template, and the communications skills check list
      • Converting competency and skills into marketing materials
  • Overview of the consulting process, ethics, and professional behaviors
  • Scoping client requirements, identifying the problems, and managing the project
      • Potential client questionnaire and business information template
      • Templates for a client proposal, project plan, and risk management analysis
  • Research and Analysis: consulting tools and skills, finding and recommending solutions
      • Decision grid template, process flow chart, interview guidelines, solution options template
  • Project implementation and disengagement
  • Marketing and Practice Management for Independent Consultants
      • Templates for business plans, subcontracting agreements, and professional learning
      • Idea generation as to ways to build your practice and connect with buyers of your services

The program utilizes the competency framework outlined by the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) USA.  This includes:

Market Knowledge and Capability

  • Technical Discipline:  Finance, strategy, HR, governance, marketing, IT, etc.
  • Sector Specialization:  Transportation, health care, non-profit, government, media, banking, etc.

Consulting Competencies

  • Business understanding and external awareness
  • Managing client relationships
  • Consulting process/engagement management - develop, deliver, disengage
  • Consulting skills and tools
  • Practice management

Consulting Skills and Tools

  • Business acumen
  • Project management
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Analytical and proactive thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Effective communication

Professionalism and Ethics

Please contact us with any questions about the Certificate Program in Management Consulting.  You can also register online.

About the IMC USA Accreditation

In March 2010, IMC USA was accredited as a ISO/IEC 17024:2003 Certifying Body for the CMC®, and the IMC USA Competency Framework was combined with the IMC USA CMC® Eligibility Standard 1 to form the IMC USA Competency Framework - Certification Scheme for the Certified Management Consultant® (CMC®), a comprehensive overview of the certification process.

The Management Consulting Competency Framework defines the competencies and standards for management consultants, and forms the basis of the IMC USA's Certified Management Consultant® qualification (CMC®). The competencies presented determine the knowledge, skills and behaviors required of successful management consultants. There are three levels of progression: early (technical expert), advanced (expert management consultant and CMC®), and mastery (CMC® widely recognized for expertise and actively sought by senior level executives), all underpinned by professional behaviors and ethics.