Eligibility and Costs

Your Agency Selection Process:

In the past, many governmental units had an internal selection process for CPM candidates because of the time commitment and expense. Since it's now possible to register online without an application process, agency-screening may not be necessary. Potential students should talk with a supervisor and follow your organization's process related to training. Agency rules will dictate the process for covering or reimbursing training costs.

Costs for Each Modules  

Registration and costs: With the new format students no longer need to apply for acceptance to the program.If you only want to take one module, you can sign up for only one module. If you want to pursue the certificate, just sign up for the modules and we will track which ones you take. When a student has completed eight (8) modules and completed the required assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion.

$299 per 20 hour module. Complete eight modules and earn a Certificate in Public Management for $2392.00. 

The module pricing includes textbooks, learning materials, and program activities.

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