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Early Career and Career Change MBA Students

Welcome to the student homepage for Willamette University's Early Career MBA and MBA for Career Change programs.  Use the navigation on the left to find specific information.  In addition, campus resources are available through the links below.

  • Atkinson School Honor Code
    Willamette University and the Atkinson Graduate School of Management expect honesty, integrity, good conduct, and professional behavior of all students, faculty and staff. All members of the Atkinson community are encouraged to act in ways that support a culture of honor,whether it be in regard to their own actions or the actions of others. The Atkinson School Honor code sustains a culture of honor and trust and enriches the Atkinson School experience for all members of the Atkinson community.

  • Student Handbook
    The Willamette MBA Student Handbooks are your guide to the academic policies, standards, procedures and student services of the Atkinson Graduate School of Management.

  • Willamette University Student Rights & Responsibilities and Willamette University All-Campus Policies
    Your guide to the standards of conduct, policies, and procedures governing all Willamette University graduate and undergraduate students.

  • Curricular Path and Registration Guides
    The registration guides will help you plan your registration for each semester of your MBA program. Guides are provided for each format of the Early Career/Career Change program: MBA, BA/MBA, and JD/MBA.

  • MBA Course Descriptions
    Course descriptions for required and elective courses are available for review.

  • Disability Services
    Students desiring information regarding Disability Services may go to and follow the procedures listed. Students who have a documented disability requiring accommodation should contact the Disability Services at 503-370-6471 or email Lorie Fontaine.

  • Bishop Wellness Center
    Bishop Wellness Center serves eligible Willamette students regardless of insurance coverage. Bishop Wellness Center provides holistic services, in partnership with students, to promote optimal well being through: providing confidential services in a caring, comfortable, safe atmosphere; respecting and cultivating student diversity; reducing wellness related barriers to learning, retention, and student success; empowering students to be self-directed wise consumers in the health care system, accessing services that will enhance their lifelong well being; offering educational programming to the broader campus community to promote health and wellness; serving as a community consultant for physical and mental health emergencies on our campus; and advocating for a safe, just, and accessible community.

  • Office of the Chaplains
    The Office of the Chaplains offers a wide variety of opportunities which foster spiritual growth and understanding as well as religious commitment and action. The chaplains work with persons of all religious persuasions -- and of none. Proselytizing is not part of the program; progress along one's own path is. The Office of Chaplains provides confidential services in a caring, comfortable and safe environment.

  • The Compass
    For all Willamette graduates, log on to update your profile, view and register for events, find classmates and share information. The Compass provides an interactive platform to keep in touch with the Willamette network. New users may visit the website and create a profile. Contact the WU alumni office for more information.

  • JASON and AGSM Directory, Schedule of Classes, Grade Reports, Graduation Audit
    Jason is the Joint Academic/Administrative System Online. You also have easy online access to:  
    Atkinson School Directory:
    Your Schedule of Classes:
    Grade Report:
    Graduation Audit:

  • MBA Career Management Programs
    Listing of programs available to MBA students through the Atkinson Graduate School's Career Management office.

  • WISE (Willamette Instructional Support Environment)
    WISE is your student course management and collaboration integrated classroom web tool set utilized by some of the Willamette MBA faculty. 

  • Class Tools
    Class Tools is another course management and integrated classroom web tool set utilized by some of the Willamette MBA faculty. 

  • WebAdvisor

  • MBA Commencement
    The Willamette University AGSM MBA commencement website is your guide to information about commencement dates and activities.  Included is information about the commencement ceremony policies, procedures and schedule, parking, directions, travel and lodging, and disability accommodations.

  • Willamette Events Calendar
    The Willamette Events Calendar is your access to events throughout the greater University.  Registration to fee-based events often advertise student rates available with your student ID.