JD/MBA Applicants Currently Enrolled at Willamette University College of Law

We welcome and encourage law students who are currently enrolled at Willamette University College of Law to apply for the JD/MBA program. The entering class of 2014 includes 18 JD/MBA students.

Applicants for the JD/MBA program who are currently enrolled in the JD program at the Willamette University College of Law must submit all of the following documents to complete the application for the MBA portion of the joint degree.

  • Online Application Form
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work (including WU College of Law). (click here for information about official transcripts
  • One of the following test scores:  LSAT score previously submitted to the WU College of Law, or an official copy of a GMAT or General GRE score report.

    LSAT: Law students who choose to use their LSAT score as part of the JD/MBA application process should go to the Office of Student Affairs of the College of Law and ask to have a copy of their official LSAT score provided to the Atkinson School Office of Admission. LSAT scores received as part of the JD/MBA application process will be evaluated for admission and scholarship assistance based on the percentile of the LSAT score. 

    GMAT or GRE: Law students who choose to submit GMAT or GRE scores as part of the JD/MBA application process should register, take and submit official scores for the GMAT or General GRE.
    Information about the GMAT is available at mba.com. The GMAT code for the Willamette Full-Time MBA is 3MZ-PZ-27. Information about the General GRE is available at gre.org. The GRE code for Willamette University MBA is 1181.

    Note: if an applicant submits scores from multiple tests (LSAT/GMAT or LSAT/GRE or GMAT/GRE) the Atkinson School will use the score from the test with the higher overall percentile (total score for the GMAT; average of the verbal and quantitative percentile for the GRE) in the admission and scholarship decision process.
  • Essays as described on the application form.
  • Two candidate evaluation forms or letters of reference. Evaluators must be people who are directly familiar with your academic, professional or leadership experience. References may be submitted electronically. Your evaluators can complete the convenient online Candidate Evaluation Form and send it directly to the admission staff by clicking the submit button on the online form.  If your evaluators would like to use the online Candidate Evaluation Form, please send your evaluator this link: http://www.willamette.edu//agsm/full-time/admission/candidate_evaluation/index.html. If you evaluator prefers to write a letter of reference for you, click here to access special information about the process of submitting references via email. The content of the form or written references submitted on behalf of an applicant are considered to be private communication between the evaluator and the admission staff.
  • Resume (included on the application form or sent separately via email

Upon receipt of all application documents, applicants will be notified by e-mail about the interview process.

In addition to submitting appropriate application documents, applicants are evaluated on their ability to demonstrate the professional tools of initiative, motivation and communication while managing their application process.

Application documents should be addressed to:

Judy O'Neill
Associate Dean and Director of Admission
Atkinson Graduate School of Management
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301 USA

Applications for Fall Semester 2015

Applicants for the JD/MBA who are currently enrolled in the Willamette College of Law are encouraged to apply early, but have an extended final application deadline of June 1, 2015. 

Application Deadlines for Fall 2015 Date
Early Action #1 December 15, 2014
Early Action #2 February 1, 2015
Early Action #3 March 15, 2015
General Application Deadline May 1, 2015
Application Deadline for College of Law Students June 1, 2015

All Applicants are encouraged to apply within the Early Action dates. Early Action applicants receive full consideration for admission and merit-based scholarships awards. An early application also ensures early notification of our admission and scholarship decisions, and promotes a smooth transition to your MBA experience.

A special opportunity is available to applicants who complete their application by the Early Action 2 deadline. Early Action 1 and 2 applicants who are admitted to the Willamette MBA program will be invited to a special invitation-only "Dinner with the Dean" scheduled for our Winter Preview Day.

Applications received after the special June 1st deadline for students enrolled in the College of Law may be considered for admission on a space available basis and should contact the MBA admission office for information.

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Apply for Fall 2015

We are currently reviewing applications for Fall Semester 2015. Applicants are encouraged to apply early.  Applicants for the JD/MBA who are currently enrolled in the Willamette College of Law are encouraged to apply early, but have a special extended final application deadline of June 1, 2015. 

Contact Us With Your Questions

Applicants are always welcome to communicate with our admission staff. We are here to help you explore Willamette University's MBA programs and answer your questions.  Email, call 503-370-6167 (toll free in the U.S. 866-MBA-AGSM), participate in our online chats, visit us on campus or meet our representatives at MBA events around the world.