Honor Code

Honor Code - Benefits and Responsibilities

The Atkinson School Honor code sustains a culture of honor and trust and enriches the Atkinson School experience for all members of the Atkinson community. The Honor Code:

  • encourages an environment of honor and trust among all members of the Atkinson community,
  • promotes a positive set of values and behaviors that distinguish members of the Atkinson community in their personal and professional lives,
  • encourages each person to develop to his or her full potential,
  • provides students a defining role in resolving issues of academic honesty and professional behavior, and
  • provides leadership and decision-making experience for students serving as a member of the Honor Council.

The Honor Code also calls for all members of the Atkinson community to act in ways that encourage compliance with the code, whether it be in regard to their own actions or the actions of others. All members of the community (students, faculty and staff) will:

  • acknowledge the principles of the Honor Code: to never seek an unfair advantage over others, to honestly represent one's self and the facts at all times, to respect the personal and property right of others, and to uphold the honor code,
  • encourage students to act in compliance with the Honor Code and, thus, prevent violations before they occur,
  • understand and engage with the honor code, and maintain the privacy of the process,
  • support the processes of the code as they relate to the students, faculty, staff and Honor Council.