New Graduates

Congratulations and welcome to the Alumni Association! You're part of our lifelong family of Bearcats that includes accomplished public servants, teachers, business people, artists, and others all over the world embodying WU's motto, "Not unto ourselves alone are we born." We hope you will be an active participant in the Willamette alumni community!

While you've accomplished a great deal in your time at WU, your lifetime of learning is just beginning as a member of the Willamette University Alumni Association (WUAA)! The second you received your diploma, you gained admission and access to an incredibly vast and resourceful network that is more than 28,000 Bearcats strong. Graduates of the College of Liberal Arts, College of Law, and Atkinson Graduate School of Management are all automatic, lifelong members.

You may be asking… “What’s in it for me?”

Tap into the Bearcat Network

Willamette Switchboard is a direct link to your Bearcat network where you can "ask" for what you need and "offer" what you have within the WU community. LinkedIn is a powerful a means to connect with fellow alumni including the WUAA group (check out our LinkedIn Guide for tips and info). Also, be sure to connect with the WUAA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Worried about medical insurance?

You can access short term medical insurance through GradMed.

Connections to the University

We'll let you know about ways to stay connected through a wide variety of communications, including email invitations to specific events in your area. And we want you to brag about your successes, and show future and present Bearcats the contributions you make in the world. You could be featured in the Willamette Magazine (published three times per year), or on the website!

But, to make any of that happen, you have to keep us in the loop. How?

  1. Register for the Alumni Directory and enter your current contact information;
  2. Send your current email (your Willamette email expires one year after graduation) phone number and address to;
  3. Send class notes to be published in the magazine to Class notes are personal news and accomplishments to share with your fellow alumni, including life events like the birth of a child, a marriage or a job promotion.

A Voice That Matters

The WUAA exists for you. The WUAA Board of Directors is the organization's governing body and seeks promote the interest of alumni with the support of the alumni office. There are many different alumni organizations and local chapters to connect alumni in various ways. Want to get involved, start a new alumni group, or organize an event in your area? The alumni office can provide the support you need to make it happen. 

Opportunities to Continue Living the Motto

There are many ways to give back to the WU community besides making a financial gift (but the University certainly needs those to support current students, too!). You can be a Career Advisor, organize your five-year reunion, become a Class Ambassador, organize alumni gatherings in your area, reply to a student who reaches out, mentor someone from your affinity group or act as an admissions ambassador. Simply fill out the form to learn more about the various volunteer opportunities.

Still in Salem?

Receive special access to the Sparks Center, Hatfield Library, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, and the Academic Listener program. Check out the benefits here.