Alumni Engagement

  • Image of Tyler Reich '06

    Tyler Reich '06

    Associate Vice President for University Relations
    Waller 3rd Floor
  • Image of Eric Lassahn

    Eric Lassahn

    Senior Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement
    Waller 3rd Floor
  • Image of Tiffany Newton

    Tiffany Newton

    Director of Graduate Alumni Engagement
    Waller 3rd Floor
  • Image of Kim Silbernagel-Burris

    Kim Silbernagel-Burris

    Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement, Signature Events
    Waller 3rd Floor
  • Image of Abby Kahl '05

    Abby Kahl '05

    Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement, Admissions and Career Volunteers
    Waller 3rd Floor
  • Image of Daniel Johnson

    Daniel Johnson

    Associate Director of Engagement Communications
    Waller 4th Floor
  • Image of Kendrick Arakaki '14

    Kendrick Arakaki '14

    Assistant Director, Alumni and Parent Engagement, Regions and Affinities
    Waller 3rd Floor
  • Image of Jim Booth '64

    Jim Booth '64

    Bearcat Explorers Travel Liaison
  • Image of Lisa Wolfson

    Lisa Wolfson

    University Relations Coordinator
    Waller 3rd Floor
  • Image of Liz Brown '18

    Liz Brown '18

    University Relations Assistant
    Waller 3rd Floor