Alumni Leadership

The purpose of the Willamette University Alumni Association is to promote the interest of Willamette University and to establish and maintain life-long and mutually beneficial relations between each other, and between the University and its current and future alumni.

The Willamette University Alumni Association is represented by a Board of Directors (maximum 36 members) who are elected to serve on behalf of the entire Alumni Association. Each member serves a term of three years and may be eligible for a second three-year term if re-elected. Directors are limited to two consecutive terms. Directorship is entirely voluntary and there is no compensation or reimbursement for regular director duties. The Board of Directors also includes student and faculty representatives from all WU schools.

Full Board meetings are held three times per year and directors are required to attend at least two meetings per year and participate in committees and other activities and projects of the board between regular meetings.

Alumni Board Members


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  • Curtis Acosta '94
  • Diane C. Babbitt '84, Past President
  • Steve Baxter MAT'13
  • Russ Beaton '60
  • Matt Benjamin '02, MBA'05
  • Bryn Berglund '01
  • Mike Bernatz '01
  • Ellie Booth '92
  • Gwen Brown '79
  • Lynn Brown '77
  • Elliott Dale MBA'05
  • Adam DuVander '01, Vice President
  • Danny Echeverri '11
  • Dan Findley '82
  • Melissa (Kanzler) Grant '02
  • Morgan Gratz-Weiser '13
  • Susan Hale '01, MBA '06
  • Heather Hayes '96
  • Bob Heck '07, MBA'11
  • Fritz Holznagel '83
  • Dave Jory '75, JD'78
  • Abby Kahl '05
  • Linda (Walker) Kelly '69, President
  • Linda (Getchell) Lewis '79
  • Ed Luttrell '74, M'76
  • Jean Orth '97
  • Andres Oswill '15
  • Susan (McAulay) Pyne '86, Secretary
  • Bryan Ruttkay '03
  • Andrea Spuck '86
  • Cathy (Welch) Tronquet '70
  • Crayton Webb '94
  • Donal Welch '84
  • Kathy (Cook) Wraith '85, M'86


  • Sarah Kirk (CLA faculty)
  • Mitch Diaz '16 (CLA student)
  • Phoebe Wagner '17 (CLA student)
  • Liz Hartman '18 (CLA student)
  • Liz Simonovich '19 (CLA student)
  • Edward J. Harri JD'73 (Law faculty)
  • Shangar Meman JD'16 (Law student)
  • Larry Ettner (AGSM faculty)
  • Milena Otasevic MBA'16 (AGSM student)

A Letter From Your WUAA President

If you graduated from Willamette, you’re already a member of the Willamette University Alumni Association (WUAA) — whether you know it or not.

The WUAA is an output of the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, but it’s not about administrators; it’s composed of, and led by you and your fellow alumni. The WUAA is a great resource — for career networking and mentoring, reunions, events, and more. Consider it your front door for reconnecting with your alma mater and fellow alumni.

Here are a few of the things the WUAA does for you:

■ The WUAA Board of Directors advocates for and engages alumni of all schools and ages. Serving on the board is a great leadership opportunity, and is still the best way for interested alumni to shape the Willamette of today.

■ There are numerous WUAA-sponsored events all over the country to help you and other alumni connect with WU and each other. Willamette is defined by truly impressive people. Attending events is a great way to meet them, learn from them and establish new bonds, as well as maintain existing ones.

■ Through the WUAA you can find other great ways to give back (remember that motto of ours!). Be a career advisor. Volunteer to host an informal get-together. Share your expertise and connections with others.

My job as president is to help ensure that the work of the board is meaningful, impactful and enhances the visibility and value of the WUAA in the lives of all alumni. It’s a pleasure to serve you, along with all of the 25,000-plus Willamette alumni.

Feel free to send me a note, or attend one of our fantastic events!

Linda Kelly ’69

President, Willamette University Alumni Association