Alumni Leadership

The purpose of the Willamette University Alumni Association is to promote the interest of Willamette University and to establish and maintain life-long and mutually beneficial relations between each other, and between the University and its current and future alumni.

About the WUAA Board of Directors

The Willamette University Alumni Association is represented by a Board of Directors (maximum 36 members) who are elected to serve on behalf of the entire Alumni Association. Each member serves a term of three years and may be eligible for a second three-year term if re-elected. Directors are limited to two consecutive terms. Directorship is entirely voluntary and there is no compensation or reimbursement for regular director duties. The Board of Directors also includes student and faculty representatives from all WU schools.

Full Board meetings are held three times per year and directors are required to attend at least two meetings per year and participate in committees and other activities and projects of the board between regular meetings.

How the Board is Formed

Chaired by the Vice President of the Alumni Association, the WUAA Leadership Development Committee is responsible for the growth of volunteer leadership within the Alumni Association. All nominations, applications, and recommendations are reviewed by this committee of alumni volunteers which seeks to build a sustainable group of volunteer leaders at many different levels including the WUAA Board of Directors which is the primary leadership group for the Alumni Association.

Alumni of all Willamette schools are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Applications and recommendations are accepted from the Willamette community for review by the Leadership Development Committee. Official nominations may be made by any Director. The Leadership Development Committee reviews all submissions and makes recommendations to the Executive committee (comprised of WUAA Board of Directors Officers and Committee Chairs). The Executive Committee approves nominations and submits nominees to the full Board of Directors for approval at the annual May meeting.


It is the responsibility of all officers to assist in the identification and cultivation of potential Directors, oversee the nomination and assessment of alumni award nominees, and work cooperatively with the University to promote the participation of alumni in all appropriate University activities.

  • President - The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, and shall perform all duties ordinarily assigned to the President of such an association, or those duties which may be assigned by the Executive Committee or the WUAA Board of Directors.
  • Vice President - The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in case of absence or disability. In addition, the Vice President shall coordinate the identification and cultivation of potential Directors as well as the nomination and assessment for alumni awards.
  • Secretary - The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Immediate Past President - Serves as an advisor to ensure smooth transition of leadership.

Current Committees and Task Forces

  • Alumni Weekend Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Career Network Committee
  • Efficiency Task Force
  • Leadership Development Committee
  • Organizations Committee
  • Philanthropy Committee
  • Strategy Task Force
  • Student Relations Committee