Class Reunions

Active Class Reunion Committees are critical in building interest among the class, planning special gatherings, and helping bridge the gap between your classmates and the Alumni and Parent Relations (APR) Office.

Class reunions occur each year at Alumni Weekend.

Class Reunion Committees have the support of the Alumni Weekend Committee and the alumni office works closely to ensure your class reunion fits the needs of your group, and is a wonderful celebration and return to campus.

Committee Roles

Committee Chair or Co-Chairs

  • Provide leadership to the class committee to see that it achieves its goals.
  • Preside over meetings, which can be in person or via phone conference, of the class committee.
  • Accomplish tasks on schedule and hold committee members accountable to the same.
  • Communicate with the APR Office for assistance in accomplishing tasks and recruiting volunteers serve on the committee.

Communications Chair

  • Moderate your class Facebook group. If you don't have one, the APR Office can help you set one up.
  • Create copy for your class webpage.
  • Provide leadership for class communications, including email messages and mailed letters or invitations.

Faculty Liaison

  • Determine if your class would like to invite select current and/or retired faculty members to any of your class functions.
  • If your class does wish to invite faculty, send a list of names to the APR office, and draft personalized invitations to the faculty members that will be mailed out on your behalf.
  • Follow up as needed to determine if faculty will be in attendance.
  • Greet faculty members who attend and make sure they are attended to and included in the gatherings.

Committee Members

  • Support the work of Committee Chair or Co-Chairs.
  • Support the work of the Communications Chair.
  • Support the work of the Faculty Liaison.
  • Reach out to classmates by phone, email or social media and encourage them to attend Alumni Weekend.
  • Offer suggestions regarding reunion events as to appeal to your class, including format, food/drink, decorations, activities, and other details.
  • Register early to set an example and help get the ball rolling!


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