Patricia Price '04, MBA '09

Bachelor of Music in piano performance, Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and MBA from Willamette. After graduating from Willamette, Patricia participated in the Fulbright Assistantship program, through which she lived in Vienna for a year. She had also lived in Vienna during her junior year at Willamette. During her time at Allegro Media Group (where she ran the classical division of the all-genre distribution company), she managed approximately 11% of the American classical CD market and was the executive producer for five labels.

She currently works for Portland Piano International. While pianists are frequently heard in orchestral concerts, organizations dedicated to presenting the solo piano literature have become all but extinct, and she considers it a good fortune to manage a unique organization. She is fond of an alternative venue series she started, which makes classical repertoire and the piano more accessible to all age groups. These concerts offer a more casual setting to hear classical music.