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The Compass: You Can Contribute

Parents Relations logoAs many of you know, networking is a major component of any job search.  In today's economy, learning to network is even more vital to students entering the job market.

John Brennan, incoming co-chair of the Parents Advisory Council and VP of Human Resources at Advent Software in San Francisco, says "having a mentor who is established in a career can help a student or graduate understand what a job involves and help them think about their own strengths in the context of a possible career."

That's where parents come in.

Through the new career advisor program within The Compass, you will soon be able to serve in the role as a mentor to Willamette students, both current and graduated.  We'll be looking for parents in all professional fields to offer career advice and support.

Jean Brennan, incoming co-chair of the Parents Advisory Council and past VP of Human Resources at PG&E in San Francisco, says "many Willamette parents are leaders in their professions. One way I'd like to leverage parent enthusiasm for Willamette is through career networking."

It will be pretty easy for you to participate as a career mentor via the web, and you'll be able to customize the degree to which you're involved. In the next few weeks, you'll be receiving information on how to access The Compass as a parent and how you can sign up to be a career advisor. Your career profile will then be available for Willamette students and alumni to search as they network for their career.  If a student is interested in your field, s/he might contact you through your preferred contact method.

Many Willamette students are eager to use this new web-based tool. Your volunteer support will help students greatly -- and you'll get the satisfaction of lending your expertise to your son or daughter's classmates.

Stand by for more information from alumni relations!