Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

James B. Thompson:  The Vanishing Landscape


Professor James B. Thompson wants us to reevaluate familiar ground.

James B. Thompson: The Vanishing Landscape, now showing in the Atrium Gallery of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, suggests that the American West as we typically imagine it is transforming before our eyes – and we run the risk of not noticing.

Capturing artistically the evolution of our landscape involves more than preserving it through traditional representation, Thompson urges. “It is the rapid, technological changes to the landscape and then what remains in spirit that I am interested in capturing in painted form — not grain elevators,” he writes in his artist statement.


“I am creating abstract works of art that reflect my responses to these transformations in the once familiar landscape of the American West,” he says. “The method of rendering abstract paintings and prints is a celebration of the very act of change.”

To see Professor Thompson’s work on display, visit the Hallie Ford Museum of Art before May 17.

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