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With finals here and graduation less than two weeks away, students and parents are preparing for the summer. Students will be following many different paths: working a summer job, traveling, looking for their first career after graduation. Some students will even stay on campus to perform academic research projects.

Whether your son or daughter is moving back home for the summer, moving to another city or traveling, you may have questions that other parents can help you answer. The Parent Listserv is a great way to ask other parents your questions.

If you’re not already a member of the Parent Listserv, go to www.willamette.edu/parents/index.html and click on the link for the Parents Listserv. Throughout the year parents have discussed topics on the Listserv such as the food point system on campus, restaurants and hotels in Salem, traveling abroad and computer equipment on campus. Your questions are bound to find an audience on the Listserv.

If you’re already signed up for the Parent Listserv, please watch for messages throughout the summer. A new class of first-year students and their parents are eagerly (and perhaps nervously) planning for their first year at Willamette, and they’re bound to have lots of questions. You can help these new parents by sharing your experiences and perspectives with them on the Listserv when they ask.

Over the summer the Parents Corner will have updates on The Compass, and other campus activities that will help you prepare for the fall. We hope you have a great summer!