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SOE Contributions: The Oregon Encyclopedia

The Oregon Encyclopedia, a new resource especially relevant to area teachers, has grown recently to include over 140 entries online about various people, places, events and institutions in the state’s history and culture.

The database continues to take shape: According to the encyclopedia’s website, it will be populated fully by the end of this calendar year.

The encyclopedia editorial board is comprised of 27 scholars and subject matter specialists, including SOE Professor Linda Tamura. The board plans to add about 100 new entries each month in 2009 (so keep checking to see about that entry for Willamette!).

Check out the Oregon Encyclopedia at www.oregonencyclopedia.org.

Oregon Writing Project Summer Institute Welcomes New Director

Excerpted from a column written by Linda Wallmark, with thanks to the School of Education.

The Oregon Writing Project Summer Institute will experience a major change this year with the retirement of long-time and much-loved director, Steve Jones. Following in his footsteps will be OWP board member and experienced SI co-director, Lorelei Gilmore. A recent interview with Lorelei revealed several important facts to know about this multitalented and energetic woman.

Fact #1: Lorelei is a local gal. She grew up in Jefferson, Oregon and, with the exception of a brief stint in Washington, has spent most of her life in the valley. She attended the Oregon College of Education (now Western Oregon University) for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and earned her administrative license at Portland State University. Lorelei’s first administrative jobs were at the high school level for the Salem-Keizer
Schools. She then served as principal at Four Corners Elementary in Salem for five years. As of this February, Lorelei returned to the high school level as principal of the Secondary Alternative High School programs for Salem-Keizer Schools. Lorelei’s excellence as an educator was recognized last year with a Salem-Keizer Crystal Apple award. Currently she lives in Salem with her husband, Rick. They have two grown sons, Zach and Jordan, and a five-year-old granddaughter named Zoey.

Fact #2: Lorelei has many passions. In her undergraduate years, Lorelei got a degree in visual arts, hoping to become an art and drama teacher. Later, she pursued her love of writing and earned her master’s degree in English. Fortunately for OWP, Lorelei is still writing and encouraging others to write, both through her role with the OWP and as a school administrator. Her love of the visual arts, however, did not disappear. Along with OWP, Lorelei exercised her talents for four years painting what she described as “shabby chic” furniture for several shops in Salem. She also combines her talents in writing and art by creating illustrated books for Zoey.

In addition to these interests, Lorelei loves reaching out to students struggling in the traditional high school setting, spending many years teaching alternative education. Now, with her new job, she is able to once again actively pursue this passion.

Fact #3: Lorelei is up to the task of directing the 2009 SI. She has been involved with OWP since its very beginning at Willamette University and has co-directed SI with Steve many times. This is her second term on the board of OWP.

When asked why she accepted the challenge of administering SI, Lorelei responded, “I love it. I believe in it. We don’t have a lot of strong writers. I want to grow this program and build a cadre of writing teachers for local school districts.”

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