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What Was Your Major? The Career Network Has a Friendly Competition for You

The Career Network is challenging alumni from each of Willamette's academic departments to register for the career advisor program. Not only will your participation benefit your peers who are currently in the job search process, but you'll also get to share in a little collective pride.

And there will be prizes.

Here's what to do. Visit The Compass and fill out your career advisor profile in the Career Network section (estimated time involved: four minutes).

We'll keep track of the departments represented and, when the new academic year starts in September, we'll notify everyone of the top performers.

The best part of the contest? Joining the program is one of the very best ways to help your fellow Bearcats succeed.

Sign up to be a career advisor

For more about the career advisor program, visit the Career Network website or check out the How it Works article we have included elsewhere in this edition of WU News.