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How it Works: The Career Network

With all the talk about jobs and how you can help, we thought it might be useful to lay out specifically what the Career Network is and how it works. Here’s your Career Network cheat sheet.

Career Advisor Program

The career advisor program is a way for job-seekers to make informal connections with other alumni and friends who would like to offer their experience and insights. Career advisors might provide advice on moving up in a particular industry, what to do with that English major, or how to write a cover letter that people will want to read. These connections are extremely valuable to those on the job hunt, and the best thing is that they're easy and fun for both parties.

To register as a career advisor, regardless of your position or potential retirement status, log in to The Compass and visit the Career Network page.


CareerBeam is your online career home base. Use it to discern what fields you might be good at, find jobs in your area, learn how to write knockout resumes and get the edge on industry intelligence for an upcoming interview.

Learn more and register for Career Beam at the Career Network website.


The Career Network has expanded the range of career-related events we offer alumni. Check the events page on the Career Network website for up-to-date news and events to keep track of. There's a lot going on, including:

  • Regular webinars to help with using social networking effectively in a job search
  • The Modern Professional's Career Guide -- a traveling workshop series for person-to-person education and advising
  • You're Doing What With Your Degree? -- a contest-oriented program to learn about the interesting paths Willamette grads take

Undergraduate Career Services

Alumni relations' Career Network collaborates often with the undergraduate career services office. For example, we often work with current upperclassmen, who have access to both their undergraduate services and the utilities within The Compass and CareerBeam.


Stacey Lane (lanes@willamette.edu) is the go-to person for everything related to the Career Network. Ask her about features, how to use them, how to start, and where to go once you're in the middle of the process.

Always remember that the Career Network is run by real people, and we're here to help you!

Much more information is available at the Career Network website.