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Interim Dean's Report: Willamette School of Education M.ED. Program Launch

The School of Education is excited to announce the launch of the Master in Education Degree!

Willamette University School of Education is excited to launch an M.Ed. this summer in Salem and another cohort in the Fall of 2010 in Portland. The Masters in Education degree is designed for practitioners. or those who have earned initial licensure. The M.Ed. may be a stepping stone toward a terminal degree or serve practitioners in Oregon who seek to complete the state-required masters degree.

Features of the two programs: One M.Ed. will serve our existing Salem-Keizer endorsement partnerships in Reading, ESOL, and Special Education in which we currently have candidates enrolled. Courses will be held in Salem in the School of Education. The second program emphasis will serve Portland area teachers who wish to pursue professional research interests as teachers, and will be held in or near Portland. In either site, practicing teachers who hold initial teaching licenses in Oregon or another state would be the target audience and in both programs teachers may earn an ESOL, Reading, or Special Education endorsement as part of the degree!

These two M.Ed. programs will:

  1. Serve the needs of practicing licensed teaching professionals in Oregon schools.
  2. Serve to assist licensed teachers from states other than Oregon to meet the requirements of certification in Oregon.
  3. Provide a means of combining a Masters level degree with teaching endorsement completion in the areas of Reading, ESOL, and Special Education.
  4. Create a partnership with area Oregon schools whereby practicing teachers can achieve their Masters degrees and/or Endorsements while working in the schools.

Candidates would be allowed to enroll in courses from either program and, if they choose, may focus their teaching and research interests in ESOL, Reading or Special Education. We will provide an M.Ed. curriculum that meets the 10 standards associated with the Oregon requirement for Continuing Teacher License. Additionally, the curriculum of the two programs would have some courses that may be interchanged for credit.

If you are interested in more information or in enrolling in the summer cohort, please contact Sandy Smith at 503-370-6954 or Heather Daniels at 503-375-5453.