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DeniseThe Final Stretch

Well, not really the final, final stretch. It turns out there are two of these in higher education: one before school starts and one when it ends. Perhaps you remember my note a few months ago, lamenting how quiet the campus was following graduation, how I was somewhat uncomfortable in the sudden and deafening silence? Well that’s passed. And now we’re careening down the last few weeks before a new class descends, upperclassmen return and I’m grasping to the last bits of summer hours, good parking and no lines in the cafeteria.  

All that said though, I do miss them -- the students and the faculty. Their presence is a daily reminder to all of us in the alumni office that we need to remain diligent in continuing to share Willamette with you. Just because you’re not on campus any more – piling three rooms' worth of stuff into a small dorm, forced to do your own laundry after a summer at home, and eating food that makes you appreciate your mom’s cooking – you should know what’s happening at WU. You need to know what’s happening at WU. Because it’s amazing, inspiring and should make you proud to be one of only about 22,000 others living in the world who have had this experience.

So keep in touch and surf the wave of fall with us as it crashes into another new, vibrant and energizing year of education and growth. It’s a wild ride amid the sea of students and activities, but it’s worth every minute of it and trust me, you’ll miss them in nine months when they’re gone.


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Denise Callahan '95, MBA'00
Senior Director of Alumni Relations