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Willamette Graduates Top Washington State Bar Exam

Willamette law graduates surpassed the graduates of all other law schools in Washington and Oregon on the most recent Washington State Bar exam. Among first-time takers of the 2009 summer exam, 92.3 percent of Willamette graduates passed. The overall passage rate for first-time takers was 79.1 percent — a difference of 13.2 percentage points.

“Once again, Willamette graduates have surpassed their peers on the bar exam,” said College of Law Dean Symeon C. Symeonides. “In both Oregon and Washington, our graduates have proven that their legal knowledge and skills are second to none. We are extremely proud of their great achievements.”

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Letsou to Teach in Masters Program at the Sorbonne

Professor Peter V. Letsou has been selected to teach in a special masters program at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne throughout the month of November. Letsou will present a series of lectures on North American business law, including an introductory lecture on the evolving roles of state and federal government in corporate governance and four intensive lectures focused on federal securities regulation in the United States.

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Morris Collin Recognized as a National Leader in Sustainability

College of Law Professor Robin Morris Collin was featured in a recent article in The Oregonian as “a national leader in law that respects the planet and its people.” Collin, the first to teach a class on sustainability at an American law school, discussed the importance that equity plays in discussions of sustainability.

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