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Year-End Giving: Now is the Time

The Office of Annual Giving reminds us that calendar year-end giving plans are afoot -- so if you're considering a donation, now's the time.

If you have already contributed to the Willamette Fund for 2009-2010, thank you! If you have not yet made your gift and plan to contribute by December 31, please note the following so you can receive the tax benefit for 2009.

Checks: Checks must be postmarked on or before December 31 to qualify for a 2009 tax deduction.

Credit Card: The development office must receive your credit card information on or before December 31 to make the charge in 2009.  Make your gift online.

Stock (direct transfers): The gift date is recorded as the date on which the stock is transferred into Willamette's account. Please request the transfer and notify the development office. It often takes a few days to verify transfers, particularly when many financial institutions close for the holidays. We want to make sure your transfer is completed before December 31.  For additional information about gifts of stock, you may contact Steve Brier, Senior Director of Gift Planning, at 503-370-6022.

If you have any questions about making your calendar year-end donation to Willamette, please call the Office of Annual Giving at 503-370-6805.