Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

Calling for Alumni Citation Nominations

We're interested in citation award nominations from our alumni. If you're an alumnus, please think about any fellow alumni who might deserve a citation -- we're all ears! Citations for the coming year should be made by February 15.

You can submit your nominations by clicking on the award names below (for a PDF nomination form) or by visiting the alumni citation webpage.

Young Alumni Leadership Award

This award is given to recent graduates who have already made noteworthy contributions to their communities, their industry, or their causes.

Distinguished Alumni Citation

Awarded to alumni of all ages and backgrounds. Many of Willamette's graduates have made waves in their own ways -- this is the way to showcase them.

Sparks Medallion

Recipients of this award have demonstrated the commitment to the University embodied by one of our most revered alumni, Lestle J. Sparks.

View 2009 Citation Recipients