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Travel Program: Shakespeare Coming Up

Travel PicThe 2010 travel program lineup continues with the Shakespeare in Ashland trip fast approaching. Important: If you're interested in registering and coming along, now is the time. Reservation policies being what they are, we need to get our trip rosters finalized as soon as possible. Also, take a look at the second-half schedule for 2010, since all deposits are now first come, first serve.

Shakespeare in Ashland, which is one of the most popular trips every year, will kick off June 8. The trip will once again feature an outstanding look at the annual Shakespeare festival -- so if you're a Shakespeare expert (or want to become one), this trip is for you.

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Additionally, the Bavaria/Oberammergau trip has been moved to Sept. 22. This is quite an unusual trip: The famous Oberammergau Passion Play, which involves half a city worth of actors and only occurs once every ten years, is scheduled to occur in 2010. This is your chance to see it first hand. What's Oberammergau?

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Contact Jim Booth at jbooth@willamette.edu if you have any questions about the travel program. As always, all members of the Willamette community are welcome to come along on trips.