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DeniseWhy I Love Springtime

How can it be March already?!? And I don't mean ‘how can it already be time for another edition of WU News and I haven't yet written my letter?', although that is relevant, too.

I am a lover of college basketball, but March Madness has its own special meaning here at WU. It's mid-way through spring semester, which means the welcoming of a new group of alumni is just around the corner. The campus is alive with artistic events (Puttin' on the Ritz, March 5-6), academic presentations (Student Scholarship Recognition Day, April 21), the celebration of retiring faculty (TGIF, April 23) and, of course, chances for having a generally good time (Wulapalooza, April 24). 

And we have flowers. Yes, for all you folks stuck out there on the East Coast, buried in three feet of old snow and working diligently on your ice sculptures, the daffodils are blooming. Soon there will be a bevy of baby ducks around and we'll have to watch out when we walk around the quad so we don't take an errant Frisbee in the head. Do you remember those days? Weren't they great? 

Soon we'll be reaching out to all of you, asking for your help in getting the class of 2010 connected in their respective regions. We hope you won't be bitter that they're fresh off the Quad, can still taste that last drink of Bistro coffee and were only recently coloring the Chicken Fountain for St. Patty's Day. On the contrary, we hope you'll answer the call, help them out and show them that Willamette people take care of each other. And maybe, if you're lucky, they'll bring you a Buzz Bar.

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Denise Callahan '95, MBA'00
Senior Director of Alumni Relations