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DeniseWhy Crazy is Good

This is about the time of year when things get crazy. There's an up-tick in career services as seniors realize that indeed they *will* be graduating in basically one short month. There's a kind of stunned look in the eyes of faculty members as they stay up half the night, caffeine-fueled, grading papers and projects. All the while, the rest of us are running around, wrangling budgets, planning send-off events, working with annual fund gifts and managing calendars that are double- and triple-booked as we try to get everything in before the fiscal year ends May 31.

It's pretty cool, really.

Some people go to work every day: same office, same people, same everything. Not me. Well, I have the same office every day, true, but I never know who's going to come through the door, or what alumni stories I might get to hear about. Every year there's a new crop of fresh-faced young adults ready to take advantage of the Willamette experience and make it their own. Every year I get the chance to meet new members of the faculty and staff who make this machine hum. I'm a higher education adrenalin junky. Give me the action, the excitement, the drama! Seriously, how do the rest of you manage?

If you need a fix, meander back to campus any time from about spring break to mid-May. You'll have flashbacks of all-night study sessions, forgetting to hit ‘save' on your final paper, subsisting on coffee and Buzz Bars alone and one crazy/amazing experience as a student at WU. It'll do you good, just like it did the first time.

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Denise Callahan '95, MBA'00
Senior Director of Alumni Relations