Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream
Cycling Kit

Student innovators jump-start small businesses

Cyclists organize race around the State Capitol, follow with a cycling gear business

A group of students involved with the Willamette cycling club and the Bike Shop recently organized a competitive race on a small block circuit around the State Capitol building. The group, led by current business student Brendon Gallant '08, has pressed on to initiate a related business venture.

Cyclisme Gallant offers publicly available racing kits (uniforms) modeled after the actual Willamette gear the team wears in competitions around the country. (Eagle-eyed readers can spot Jan Taborski '09, MBA'10 suited up in the Winter 2009 edition of The Scene.)

The business is web-based, and fans can check out the gear by visiting the students' blog: cyclismegallant.blogspot.com.

Read more in a recent article from The Statesman Journal

DuroCast brings radio back -- updated for 2010

Willamette students Bryce Clemmer '10 and Mathew Polzin '11 have teamed up with Portland State University student Elliot Swan to create durocast.com, a free website that allows listeners to find radio stations from around the country and build a personal radio dashboard that can be shared with friends.

Through the site, users can search for radio stations by call sign, frequency, city, tag or via a friend’s profile. With more than 24,000 stations in the database, listeners can find their favorite stations and save them to a personal dashboard.

Clemmer, Polzin and Swan spent almost two years developing DuroCast, which, while originally set up only for users with a Willamette email address, will begin expanding to the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Western Oregon University and Portland State University campuses.

The service started after Clemmer wondered what was on the radio in other parts of the country. “Matt, Elliot and I created DuroCast to allow people to find new radio stations and share favorites with friends,” said Clemmer.  “The Internet is changing the way people consume media,” Swan said. “There are already online hubs for television shows, music downloads and news articles. It’s time radio starts catching up.”

Take a look at durocast.com