Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

Humanity in Perspective gains momentum

Willamette's ongoing partnership with the Oregon Humanities for the Humanity in Perspective (HIP) program has now yielded two summers of free, one-semester college courses in the humanities for low-income adults in Salem.

HIP aims to promote the intellectual and personal growth of students, spark their interest in civic and community life and encourage them to continue their education. The program began in 2001 in Portland through a partnership with Reed College, where it has thrived, and Willamette's program has continued with its own successes.

Summer courses occur in three five-week segments on Willamette’s campus. HIP students receive free tuition and course materials, as well as child care during class, bus tickets for transportation to and from campus, and transferable college credit from Willamette.

"HIP is one of the most intellectually satisfying faculty development programs I have ever encountered," says history Professor Bill Smaldone. "My colleagues and I learned more from our discussions with students than we ever imagined possible."

Ivan Welty of philosophy concurs: "I stood to learn as much from students as they did from me: these were people with wide and serious experience."