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DeniseWhat Service Looks Like

Each spring, the return to campus is marked by a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., and with it, service to our communities.  A cornerstone to this celebration is ‘Into the Streets’ – an afternoon of service to organizations throughout Salem, and the event brings together members from all across the Willamette family.  Hopefully you all had a chance to see members of the development and alumni relations staff (many of whom are alumni) in action via our recent photo post on Facebook (facebook.com/willamettealumni).  This is just a snapshot (literally and figuratively) of the collective spirit of service at WU.

In addition to this type of very direct, coordinated service, our alumni are also serving their communities through their innovations, entrepreneurship and business successes.  Shining examples of this type of service can be seen in our 2011 Alumni Award winners. Be sure to check them out in this issue!

And lastly, there’s the service that just happens every day.  No special event, no recognition and no resume builder.  It’s the student on campus who stops to pick up a piece of paper that’s blowing across the Quad. It’s the alumnus who anonymously covers the cost of a plane ticket so a classmate can attend Alumni Weekend.  It’s the faculty member who stays well past office hours to help a senior not with an assignment, but with career advice.

Thousands of people are connected with a common Bearcat bond, making differences big and small in their communities, their industries, their families and their networks. Everyday. Year after year. All of the time.  So now we know what service looks like. It looks like Willamette University.

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Denise Callahan '95, MBA'00
Senior Director of Alumni Relations