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Welcome to the Hall of Fame

Nine inductions were made to Willamette’s athletic Hall of Fame this spring semester. As usual, these were mostly individual nominees whose prowess and performance made them standouts among the athletes of their era. However, one highly successful team was also inducted, as well as an alumnus who has shown uncommon dedication in service to the athletics programs over the years.

We send hearty congratulations to the following inductees:

Robin (Heard) Buckingham '99 T'01 (Soccer)

Beth Fitzgerald '99 T'00 (Cross Country, Track and Field)

Bill Hartman '63 (Football)

Nick Lubisich '01 (Baseball)

Jimmy Watts '99 T'00 (Basketball, Track and Field)

Marlene Piper (Coach, Volleyball)

Kelly Sullivan ’79 (Coach, Cross Country)

1998 Women's Soccer Team

Dick Carney '64 (Meritorious Service)

Hall of Fame inductions are made every other year. If you have a nomination in mind for the future, make it at willamette.edu/athletics/hof. The site also provides a great primer on the program and all the work involved.