Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

Rugby "Old Boys" return for team reunion; current team travels to B.C. 


The Willamette Rugby Football Club (WRFC) continues to stay busy.

As we've reported previously, the rugby tradition at Willamette is a robust one, and the current squad shows no sign of slowing down.

Rugby alumni, affectionately known as the "Old Boys," will return to campus Sept. 17 during Alumni Weekend for this year's Homecoming Cup. The rugby alumni will once again compete against the current team. The event is free to interested fans, including those unfamiliar with the sport.

Rugby Group

Additionally, the WRFC traveled to Canada this spring to take on the University of British Colombia on their home turf. Last year the team traveled to Europe for several matches. There are photo galleries up at the WRFC website, as well as a schedule of this season's matchups.