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DeniseThe look ahead

Campus is abuzz. Classes are ending, the sun is out (sometimes) and commencement is upon us. 

In addition to the traditional pomp and circumstance of the season, though, the Willamette community is also waiting with baited breath for the announcement of our 23rd president. This announcement, targeted for the middle of May, brings with it excitement, curiosity and, honestly, a little bit of the nerves. 

The leader of an institution sets not only the direction for the university, but also the tone and culture of the place itself. For the past 13 years President Pelton has been that person, and for many on campus, he's the only WU president they’ve known. His arrival, too, brought with it change, but that’s a distant memory now and we’ve gotten used to doing our work under his leadership and style.

Our new president will likely bring a new approach, new ideas and new directions, but that’s okay. Sometimes that’s what keeps an organization healthy. Our position should be one of hope and excitement, one that embraces all of the opportunities that will come in the next stage.

We are entering a new chapter in our history, one that is sure to contain successes not even envisioned yet. I hope you’ll join us as we celebrate this exciting moment and contribute, as you always do, to the conversations and the growth just on the horizon.

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Denise Callahan '95, MBA'00
Interim Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations