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Oregon Ethics in Business Award recipients and call for nominations

On June 15, the Oregon Ethics in Business (OEIB) Awards honored organizations and individuals who have gone beyond the expected in their commitment to ethics, stewardship and sustainability. The Willamette MBA program is pleased to serve as a founding partner of the OEIB awards along with the Rotary Club of Portland.

Business Recipient: Dave's Killer Bread
Non-Profit Recipient: DePaul Industries
Individual Recipient: Dr. Donna Beegle

Now is the time to nominate an outstanding business, non-profit and individual for the 2012
OEIB awards online at http://www.oregonethicsinbusiness.org.

New faculty join the Willamette MBA this fall

Kawika Pierson, Assistant Professor of Accounting and Quantitative Methods
PhD — Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BSEE — Northwestern University
Research Interests: The application of feedback-rich, differential-equation modeling to research questions in accounting and finance. His thesis, titled “Profit Cycle Dynamics,” consists of three essays, two focus on modeling profit cycles in the airline industry and the property-casualty insurance industry, while the third focuses on the detection and estimation of cyclical profits in the cross section of all reported firm earnings. His future research will leverage the power of large-scale computer models to address a wide array of open questions in management.

Ashley Nixon, Assistant Professor of Human Resources
MA, PhD — University of South Florida
BA — University of Florida
Research Interests: Occupational stress, workplace aggression, interpersonal conflict, employee well-being, workplace aggression measurement, interpersonal conflict measurement, emotional labor/emotion regulation, job satisfaction, occupational health and safety, healthcare management.

Tim Johnson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Public Management
MA, PhD — Stanford University
BA — University of Oregon
Research Interests: How individuals use formal institutions, social norms, and their knowledge of behavioral regularities in order to achieve successful cooperation and strong organizational performance. He has published this research in journals across the social and behavioral sciences, including Nature, Economics Letters, The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, and Political Psychology.