Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

December 2012

snowball game

Northwesterners take note: You can still join us at the Portland holiday party next Monday. Phenomenal food, beautiful event site, jolly Bearcats -- consider making it part of your holiday plans.

There's a pattern in the news this month, and it's something we're thankful for: Alumni and students reaching out beyond themselves. You know the university motto; these folks and many, many others are putting it to work this season.

Speaking of the holidays, here's a little surprise for you. We hereby give you permission to waste a little time at work on this.

And here's another plug for our ongoing partnership with Liberty Mutual: By alumni demand, we've teamed up for deals on just about anything you might want to insure. Take a look and crunch some numbers if you're in the market (or wonder if you should be).

Above all, best wishes for the holiday season as it continues to unfold. There's no WU News in January, so see you in February.


PS: Willamette will soon be opening a search process for the position of Director of Alumni Relations. Check back soon on the human resources website for information and a posting.