Willamette University, Students at the Mill Stream

September 2013

red light green light

The whole thing took about two minutes to complete: More than 1,000 students, faculty, staff and alumni lined up on the north side of the Quad and rushed -- according to the stop-and-go rules of Red Light, Green Light -- to the south edge near Smith Auditorium. Many were thrown off when President Thorsett threw in a clever decoy move -- calling "Red Light!" twice in a row. One student (pictured at right, surging and determined) crossed the line before all the others and received quite a trophy.

We're hoping that Guinness will soon tell us that we officially did it. It sure was big enough.

Watch the game video

Read coverage of the event in the Statesman Journal

In Waller, we're thinking about Alumni Weekend, which is on pace to have quite a large turnout indeed. One way or another, we hope you'll come spend some time on campus one of these days!

Last but certainly not least, this year's Athletic Hall of Fame inductees have been announced, and the induction event itself is set for Oct. 19 at the Salem Convention Center. Stay tuned for more details and registration.

This year's inductees:

  • Brian Greer '00, MAT'03 (football)
  • Matt Kosderka '98 (baseball)
  • Andy Petersen '33 (baseball)
  • Brandi Row Lazzarini '96 (volleyball)
  • Elizabeth (Heaston) Thompson '99 (women's soccer, football)
  • Gayle (Roth) Cutaia '86 (women's swimming, cross country, track and field)
  • Steve Prothero, posthumous (head coach, golf)
  • 1974-74 Men's Basketball Team
  • 1995 Volleyball Team
  • Gery Ellibee '73 (meritorious service)

Congratulations to all!