Master Calendar

This is the list of currently scheduled events for all our teams.

Aug 27Women's SoccerNorthwest Christian (Exhib.)Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 1Women's SoccerCorbanSalem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 3Men's SoccerLa Verne (Calif.)Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 4VolleyballMary Hardin-Baylor Tournament
vs. East Texas Baptist
Belton, Tex12 p.m. CDT
Sep 4VolleyballMary Hardin-Baylor Tournament
vs. Trinity (Texas)
Belton, Tex.6:30 p.m. CDT
Sep 5Women's SoccerRedlands (Calif.)Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Sep 5VolleyballMary Hardin-Baylor Tournament
vs. Hardin Simmons (Texas)
Belton, Tex.12:30 p.m. CDT
Sep 5VolleyballMary Hardin-Baylor Tournament
vs. Mary Hardin-Baylor (Texas)
Belton, Tex.4:30 p.m. CDT
Sep 5Men's SoccerSouthwestern (Texas)Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 6Men's SoccerWisconsin-OshkoshSalem, Ore.1 p.m.
Sep 11Men's SoccerUC Santa CruzSalem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 11VolleyballCal Lu Fornia Invitational
vs. UC Santa Cruz
Thousand Oaks, Calif.12:30 p.m.
Sep 11VolleyballCal Lu Fornia Invitational
vs. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Thousand Oaks, Calif.5 p.m.
Sep 11Women's Soccerat Whittier (Calif.)Whittier, Calif.5 p.m.
Sep 11Cross Countryat Ash Creek Preserve Invitational
Western Oregon University
Monmouth, Ore.
Ash Creek Preserve
5:15 p.m.
Sep 12 – 13Women's TennisFour-Way Invitational
vs. Four-Way Invitational
vs. Pacific, Linfield, George Fox
Newberg, Ore.All Day
Sep 12 – 13Women's Golfat PLU InvitationalDupont, Wash.
The Home Course
Sep 12VolleyballCal Lu Fornia Invitational
vs. Whittier
Thousand Oaks, Calif.2 p.m.
Sep 12VolleyballCal Lu Fornia Invitational
vs. California Lutheran
Thousand Oaks, Calif.6 p.m.
Sep 12Footballat Trinity (Texas)San Antonio, Tex.6 p.m.
Sep 12Men's SoccerEvergreen State (Wash.)Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 13Women's Soccerat Claremont-Mudd-ScrippsClaremont, Calif.TBA
Sep 16Women's SoccerLinfield*Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 18 – 20Women's TennisUSTA/ITA Northwest Regional
USTA/ITA Northwest Regional
Salem, Ore.All Day
Sep 18VolleyballLinfield*#Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 19 – 20Men's Golfat Pacific Fall InvitationalBanks, Ore.
Quail Valley Golf Course
Sep 19 – 20Women's Golfat Pacific Fall InvitationalBanks, Ore.
Quail Valley Golf Course
Sep 19Women's Soccerat Pacific Lutheran*Parkland, Wash.12 p.m.
Sep 19FootballCalifornia Lutheran#Salem, Ore.12:30 p.m.
Sep 19Men's SoccerWhitworth*#Salem, Ore.2:30 p.m.
Sep 19Volleyballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore. 7 p.m.
Sep 20Men's SoccerWhitman*#Salem, Ore.2:30 p.m.
Sep 25 – 26Men's TennisUSTA/ITA Regional
vs. USTA/ITA Northwest Regional
Hosted by Whitman
Walla Walla, Wash.All Day
Sep 25VolleyballPacific*Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 26Women's SoccerWhitman*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Sep 26 – 27Men's Golfat PLU InvitationalDupont, Wash.
The Home Course
Sep 26FootballOPENOPEN
Sep 26Men's Soccerat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.2:30 p.m.
Sep 26VolleyballPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Sep 27Women's SoccerWhitworth*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Sep 27Men's SoccerGeorge Fox*Salem, Ore.2:30 p.m.
Sep 30VolleyballLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Oct 2VolleyballPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Oct 3Cross Country41st Annual Charles Bowles Willamette Invitational
Willamette University
Salem, Ore.
Bush Park
9:30 a.m.
Oct 3 – 4Women's Golfat Culturame ClassicThe Reserve Vineyards
Aloha, Ore.
Oct 3Women's Soccerat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.12 p.m.
Oct 3 – 4Men's Golfat Whitworth InvitationalSpokane, Wash.
Spokane Country Club
TBA/10 a.m.
Oct 3Men's Soccerat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.2:30 p.m.
Oct 3FootballPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Oct 4Women's Soccerat Lewis & Clark*Portland, Ore.12 p.m.
Oct 4Men's Soccerat Pacific Lutheran*Parkland, Wash.2:30 p.m.
Oct 9Volleyballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.7 p.m.
Oct 10 – 11Men's Golfat NWC Fall ClassicSunriver, Ore.
The Meadows Course
TBA/10 a.m.
Oct 10 – 11Women's Golfat NWC Fall ClassicSunriver, Ore.
The Meadows Course
TBA/10 a.m.
Oct 10Women's SoccerPacific*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Oct 10Footballat Pacific Lutheran*Puyallup, Wash.1 p.m.
Oct 10Volleyballat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.5 p.m.
Oct 10Men's SoccerLinfield*Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Oct 11Women's Soccerat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.12 p.m.
Oct 14Women's Soccerat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore. 12 p.m.
Oct 16Volleyballat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.7 p.m.
Oct 17SwimmingAlumni MeetSalem, Ore.9:30 a.m.
Oct 17Cross Countryat AAE Invitational
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Winneconne, Wis.
Lake Breeze Golf Course
10:30 a.m. CDT
Oct 17Cross Countryat Lewis & Clark Invitational
Lewis & Clark College
Estacada, Ore.
McIver State Park
11 a.m.
Oct 17Women's SoccerPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.12 p.m.
Oct 17FootballLinfield*Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Oct 17Men's SoccerPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.2:30 p.m.
Oct 17VolleyballGeorge Fox*Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Oct 18Men's SoccerPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.2:30 p.m.
Oct 23Men's Soccerat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.6 p.m.
Oct 23Volleyballat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.7 p.m.
Oct 24Women's Soccerat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.12 p.m.
Oct 24Footballat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.1 p.m.
Oct 24Volleyballat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.7 p.m.
Oct 25Women's Soccerat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.12 p.m.
Oct 25Men's SoccerPacific*Salem, Ore.2:30 p.m.
Oct 28Volleyballat Lewis & Clark*Portland, Ore.7 p.m.
Oct 30Swimmingat NWC RelaysWalla Walla, Wash.5 p.m.
Oct 30Volleyballat Pacific Lutheran*Parkland, Wash.7 p.m.
Oct 31Cross Countryat NWC Championships
Pacific Lutheran University
Parkland, Wash.
PLU South Park
10 a.m.
Oct 31Women's SoccerGeorge Fox*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Oct 31Swimmingat NWC Sprint InvitationalWalla Walla, Wash.11 a.m.
Oct 31FootballLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Oct 31Men's Soccerat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.1:30 p.m.
Nov 1Women's SoccerLewis & Clark*Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Nov 1Men's Soccerat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.1:30 p.m.
Nov 1Women's BasketballAlumni Game (Exhib.)Salem, Ore.5 p.m.
Nov 1Men's BasketballAlumni Game (Exhib.)Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 6SwimmingWhitworth (L)*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Nov 6VolleyballWhitworth*Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 6Women's Soccerat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 7SwimmingWhitman (S)*Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Nov 7FootballWhitworth*^Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Nov 7VolleyballWhitman*^Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Nov 7Men's Soccerat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 8Women's SoccerPuget Sound*^Salem, Ore.11 a.m.
Nov 13Swimmingat Puget Sound (L)*Tacoma, Wash.6 p.m.
Nov 13Men's BasketballMacalester (Minn.)Salem, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 13 – 14VolleyballNCAA Regional
Nov 14Cross Countryat NCAA Division III West Regional
Occidental College
Claremont, Calif.
Pomona College campus course
9 a.m.
Nov 14Swimmingat Pacific Lutheran (S)*Parkland, Wash.1 p.m.
Nov 14Footballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.1 p.m.
Nov 14Men's BasketballSouthern OregonSalem, Ore.7 p.m.
Nov 20Women's BasketballMultnomah University Invitational
Portland, Ore.TBA
Nov 20 – 21SwimmingNorthwest InvitationalSalem, Ore.5 p.m./10 a.m.
Nov 20Men's Basketballat Chapman (Calif.)Orange, Calif.7 p.m.
Nov 21Women's BasketballMultnomah University Invitational
Portland, Ore.TBA
Nov 21Men's Basketballat La VerneLa Verne, Calif.7 p.m.
Nov 21Cross Countryat NCAA Division III Championships
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Winneconne, Wis.
Lake Breeze Golf Course
11 a.m. CST
Nov 27Women's BasketballDavid Wells Classic
vs. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
Linde Activities Center
Claremont, Calif.7 p.m.
Nov 28Women's BasketballDavid Wells Classic
vs. Pomona-Pitzer
Linde Activities Center
Claremont, Calif.7 p.m.
Nov 29Men's BasketballCorbanSalem, Ore.3 p.m.
Dec 4Women's Basketballat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.6 p.m.
Dec 4Men's Basketballat Pacific*Forest Grove, Ore.3 p.m.
Dec 5Women's BasketballPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Dec 5Men's BasketballPacific Lutheran*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Dec 15Women's BasketballSouthern VirginiaSalem, Ore.7 p.m.
Dec 15Men's Basketballat Western OregonMonmouth, Ore.7 p.m.
Dec 18Women's Basketballat CaltechPasadena, Calif.6 p.m.
Dec 19Men's BasketballOccidental (Calif.)Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Dec 19Women's Basketballat WhittierWhittier, Calif.5 p.m.
Dec 29Men's BasketballWhittier Poet Classic
vs. Whittier
Whittier, Calif.TBA
Dec 30Men's BasketballWhittier Poet Classic
vs. Chapman
Whittier, Calif.TBA
Jan 2Women's BasketballNorthwest ChristianSalem, Ore.5 p.m.
Jan 3 – 9Swimmingat Winter TrainingSan Diego, Calif.All Day
Jan 4Women's BasketballNew Hope ChristianSalem, Ore.7 p.m.
Jan 8Women's Basketballat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.6 p.m.
Jan 8Men's Basketballat Puget Sound*Tacoma, Wash.8 p.m.
Jan 9Women's BasketballLinfield*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Jan 9Men's BasketballLinfield*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 15Women's BasketballWhitworth*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 15Men's BasketballWhitworth*Salem, Ore.8 p.m.
Jan 16Women's BasketballWhitman*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Jan 16Men's BasketballWhitman*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 19Women's BasketballGeorge Fox*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 19Men's BasketballGeorge Fox*Salem, Ore.8 p.m.
Jan 22SwimmingPacific (L)*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 23Swimmingat Lewis & Clark (S)*Portland, Ore.1 p.m.
Jan 23Women's Basketballat Lewis & Clark*Portland, Ore.4 p.m.
Jan 23Men's Basketballat Lewis & Clark*Portland, Ore.6 p.m.
Jan 29Women's Basketballat Pacific Lutheran*Parkland, Wash.6 p.m.
Jan 29Men's Basketballat Pacific Lutheran*Parkland, Wash.8 p.m.
Jan 30SwimmingLinfield (L)^*Salem, Ore.1 p.m.
Jan 30Women's BasketballPacific*Salem, Ore.4 p.m.
Jan 30Men's BasketballPacific*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 5Women's Basketballat Linfield*McMinnville, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 5Men's Basketballat LInfield*McMinnville, Ore.8 p.m.
Feb 6Women's BasketballPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 6Men's BasketballPuget Sound*Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 12 – 14Swimmingat NWC ChampionshipsFederal Way, Wash.All Day
Feb 12Women's Basketballat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.6 p.m.
Feb 12Men's Basketballat Whitman*Walla Walla, Wash.8 p.m.
Feb 13Women's Basketballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.4 p.m.
Feb 13Men's Basketballat Whitworth*Spokane, Wash.6 p.m.
Feb 16Women's Basketballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 16Men's Basketballat George Fox*Newberg, Ore.8 p.m.
Feb 19Women's BasketballLewis & Clark*^Salem, Ore.6 p.m.
Feb 19Men's BasketballLewis & Clark^*Salem, Ore.8 p.m.
Feb 25Women's BasketballNWC Tournament
vs. NWC Semifinal
Feb 27Women's BasketballNWC Tournament
vs. NWC Championship
Feb 27Men's BasketballNWC Tournament
vs. NWC Championship
Mar 16 – 19Swimmingat NCAA Division III ChampionshipsShenandoah, TexasAll Day
Mar 19Rowingat Haag Lake Regatta
Pacific University
Forest Grove, Ore.
Haag Lake
8 a.m.
Mar 24Rowingat Chico State Oroville, Calif.
Forebay Aquatic Center
8 a.m.
Apr 2 – 3Rowingat San Diego Crew ClassicSan Diego, Calif.
Mission Bay
8 a.m.
Apr 9Rowingat Logger Invitational
University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, Wash.
American Lake
8 a.m.
Apr 24Rowingat NWC Championship
Hosted by Pacific University
Vancouver, Wash.
Vancouver Lake
8 a.m.
Apr 30 – May 1Rowingat WIRA ChampionshipsGold River, Calif.
Lake Natoma
8 a.m.