National Collegiate Athletic Association

NCAAThe National Collegiate Athletic Association is the organization through which the nation’s colleges and universities speak and act on athletics matters at the national level. It is a voluntary association of 1,265 institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals devoted to the sound administration of intercollegiate athletics. In short, the NCAA and intercollegiate athletics are committed to the best interests, education and athletics participation of student-athletes. It is a membership-led association of college and universities with athletics programs committed to: Protecting the best interests of student-athletes. Presidents, athletics directors, senior woman administrators and faculty athletics representatives from member schools vote on legislation that protects the integrity of student-athletes, college sports and athletics participation against corrupting outside influences. Student-athletes have a voice in the governance of college sports through committees at the campus, conference and national levels. The safety of student-athletes is supported through playing rules, research and recommended sports-medicine policy. Time demands on student-athletes from their sport are limited both during the week and by the length of the season through NCAA bylaws.