Willamette Wins Four Events and Places Second Twice at Charlie Brown Regatta

By Robert McKinney, Athletics Communications Director, (503) 370-6110

PORTLAND, ORE. -- The Willamette University rowing teams put together an outstanding day at the Charlie Brown Regatta on Saturday, Oct. 25, as the Bearcats won four events and two second place twice. The Willamette
women's varsity 8+ led the way by finishing 5.4 seconds in front of the University of Puget Sound and defeated four other shells. The win over UPS made a strong statement because Puget Sound finished fourth in NCAA Division III last season.

Willamette also won the men's varsity 4+, the women's varsity 4+ and the women's novice 8+. The Bearcats also achieved solid results with second place finishes in the men's varsity 8+ and the men's novice 8+.

In the WV8+, Willamette won in 16:16.3, while Puget Sound finished second in 16:21.7. Lewis & Clark College, which hosted the regatta, placed third in 16:31.0.

The Bearcat crew in the WN8+ won at 18:14.6 for a margin of victory of 59.8 seconds over the second place crew from UPS (19:14.4). It was the second year in a row in which WU's women's novice 8+ defeated Puget Sound by approximately a full minute. Willamette entered three boats in the race and also took third at 19:31.3. WU's remaining shell was rowing strong, but swamped and was unable to finish. The event featured 14 entries overall.

The 'Cats won the MV4+ with a time of 17:30.4. Puget Sound followed just 0.6 seconds later at 17:31.0. UPS also claimed third in 17:44.5 and Willamette's second shell was fourth at 18:03.7.

Willamette took first in the WV4+ at 18:27.4. The race featured nine entries, with eight shells finishing the race. The University of Portland earned second place at 19:09.0 and Lewis & Clark was third at 19:09.8

Winning coxswains for Willamette (see photo, L to R) were Lydia Booth (Fr., Seattle, WA/Shorecrest HS), Erica Soma (So., Scott Valley, CA/Scott Valley HS) and Linnea Schuster (So., Honolulu, HI/Punahou School). Booth led the WN8+, while Soma guided the WV8+ and the WV4+. Schuster was the coxswain for the MV4+.

The Willamette men's varsity 8+ took second place behind UPS, but ahead of four other shells. The winning time for Puget Sound was 14:37.1. Willamette was second in 15:04.8 and Portland State University finished third in 15:24.3. The Bearcats also placed fourth at 16:06.5.

A strong second place finish was earned by the Bearcats in the men's novice 8+. Lewis & Clark won the race at 16:48.1. Willamette followed at 17:06.0 and owned a 39.7-second margin over the third place team from Pacific Lutheran University.

The course was about 5 kilometers in length and ran downstream in a light current. The wind was calm to mild, but boat wakes occasionally provided challenges.

Willamette has concluded its fall schedule. The Bearcats will compete again next semester during the spring season.

Willamette's First Place Crews at the Charlie Brown Regatta:

WV8+: Erica Soma, cowswain; Geneva Hooten, stroke; Jamaica Sweet, 7-seat; Kesa Sovulewski, 6-seat, Julie Vernarsky, 5-seat; Kendra Kennedy, 4-seat; Larissa Stiglich, 3-seat; Kara Hafkey, 2-seat, Leslie Schultz, bow.

MV4+: Linnea Schuster, coxswain; Andrew Clark, stroke; John Schmidtbauer, 3-seat; Joel Ribbens, 2-seat; Marc Whitehead, bow.

WV4+: Erica Soma, coxswain; Geneva Hooten, stroke; Jamaica Sweet, 3-seat; Kesa Sovulewski, 2-seat; Julie Vernarsky, bow.

WN8+: Lydia Booth, coxswain; Tacy Bechtel, stroke; Heidi Hall, 7-seat; Emily Robinson, 6-seat; Kelsey White, 5-seat; Sarah Schroeder, 4-seat; Julia Ladner, 3-seat; Heidi Hunt, 2-seat; Morgan Iveson, bow.

Willamette's Second Place Crews at the Charlie Brown Regatta:

MV8+: Linnea Schuster, coxswain; Colton Miller, stroke; John Schmidtbauer, 7-seat; Andrew Clark, 6-seat; David Solomon, 5-seat; Joel Ribbens, 4-seat; Alex Mott, 3-seat; Nathan Keffer, 2-seat; Marc Whitehead, bow.

MN8+: Ariana Orford, coxswain; Colton Miller, stroke; Phil Colburn, 7-seat; Matt Houser, 6-seat; Rick Jones, 5-seat; Kristian Knutson, 4-seat; Dave Reid, 3-seat; Cliff Chen, 2-seat; Ben Bachran, bow.

Charlie Brown Regatta
Willamette River, Portland, Ore.
Hosted by Lewis & Clark College
The Willamette women's varsity 8+ defeated arch rival Puget Sound at the Charlie Brown Regatta.

The Willamette women's varsity 8+ defeated arch rival Puget Sound at the Charlie Brown Regatta.

The Bearcats were victorious in the WV4+.

The Bearcats were victorious in the WV4+.