Welcome to Game Plan

Game Plan provides scholar-athletes with a variety of tools to ensure academic success. While many colleges have similar programs, Game Plan is different because our head coaches are actively engaged in the process. Weekly accountability meetings review proven strategies for success and ensure a smooth transition to Willamette's rigorous academic environment.

Each 10-15 minute weekly accountability meeting reviews a specific success strategy, from time management to goal setting to study techniques. Additionally, coaches will review class assignments, papers and exam schedules. This one-on-one accountability has proven to be the most critical component to scholar-athletes' success during their first semester at Willamette.

Another unique and effective component to Game Plan is its orientation of Willamette's Hatfield Library. This component provides scholar-athletes with an introduction to our Library and practical tools for maximizing use of its resources.

Game Plan has a four year track record of demonstrating effectiveness in helping scholar-athletes transition to Willamette.