Willamette University Application Requirements for Freshmen

Submit / Mail Application

You must submit or mail us a completed application. You can go online and fill out the Common Application. The common application can be accessed from our website. If you have any problems submitting the common application online you may print it out and mail it to our admissions department.

*If you prefer, you may request the Paper Version of the application from the coaches and mail it in*

Additional Forms Required

You must mail in the Willamette University Common Application Supplement Form. The Willamette University Supplement form can be accessed and printed by visiting our Application Instructions page under freshman applicants or by visiting the Common Application Website.

You must mail in a Teacher Evaluation Form or (Letter of Recommendation). The teacher evaluation form or (letter of recommendation), must be filled out by a teacher of an academic subject such as mathematics, English, science, etc… The teacher evaluation form can be printed out, or the teacher may choose to write a letter of recommendation. If the teacher prefers printing out the form it can be accessed and printed out by visiting www.commonapp.org

You must mail in a Secondary School Report Form. The secondary school report form must be filled out by an academic counselor, teacher or school registrar. The secondary school report form can be accessed and printed out by visiting www.commonapp.org

You must mail in your Official High School Transcripts (Request this from your counselor or registrar).

You must mail in your Official SAT or ACT Test Scores. We will accept the higher of the SAT or ACT scores. Check with your school counselor or registrar to see if your test scores are on your transcripts. Some high schools do not include test scores on transcripts. If your high school does not include the test scores then you must send us a copy of your official SAT or ACT test scores by requesting a copy from the official testing board. Information about sending SAT Test scores can be found at www.collegeboard.com Information about sending ACT Test scores can be found at: www.actstudent.org

Complete & Submit the FAFSA

You need to fill out the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is used to apply for federal student financial aid, such as grants, loans and work-study. Information from the FAFSA is also used to award non-federal aid. The result produced by a completed FAFSA is your Expected Family Contribution or EFC number which is provided by the government. The EFC number is a measure of your family’s financial strength. It is used to determine your eligibility for federal student aid. You can learn more about the FAFSA by visiting the financial aid FAFSA website and www.fafsa.ed.gov. When you fill out the FAFSA you will need to include Willamette University’s school code as well as your social security number to ensure the Financial Aid Office receives the results. Willamette University’s school code is 003227.

*Mail all additional forms including the Teacher Evaluation or Letter of Recommendation, Secondary School Report Form, Official High School Transcripts, Official SAT or ACT Test Scores and any Paper Versions of the application to:*

Office of Admission
College of Liberal Arts
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301