Policy Roundtables

Willamette University host four policy roundtables each year:

Oregon Poverty Research Roundtable

OPRR is an informal gathering of researchers and practitioners who are interested in issues related to poverty alleviation and welfare reform. The Roundtable meets twice a year, typically in Fall and Spring.

Conservation Markets Roundtable

The roundtables focus on the development of markets for conservation credits (e.g. clean water, wetlands, wildlife habitat and clean air). The researchers and practitioners who are interested in the future of these emerging conservation tools discuss related issues during an informal gathering.

Government Performance Management Roundtable

With the goal of developing this association into a dynamic resource for performance measurement practitioners and users at all levels of government, a work session was held seeking participants who have an interest in working on implementation of goals developed by the OPPMA Steering Committee to foster a collaborative approach for government performance measurement in Oregon.